How to use Facebook to get better clients

how to use facebook to get better clients

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When you are planning to start a brand awareness and marketing campaign, how can you beat the platform with 2.74 billion monthly active users? We are going to look at how you can use Facebook to get better clients starting right now.

In case you still didn’t get it, I am praising the world’s most popular social networking platform, Her Majesty, Facebook.

Starting in 2004, became the world’s most popular app for all the right reasons. It is not just another social networking app anymore, Facebook is known for providing reach to a humongous marketplace today.

To make it easier for businesses, Facebook now allows you to make a separate business account/page with distinct features to promote and advertise your brand with dexterity. Moreover, Facebook ads can give you a leg up in getting more clients.

Want to know how to use Facebook to get better clients and boost your sales?

People of all ages, ethnicities, genders, schools of thought, and classes use Facebook as a customary app. Even you are highly likely to have been checking your Facebook notifications if not in between reading this article then surely before that. Odds on, you will scroll through your Facebook Newsfeed after finishing this article too.

I am not trying to be a fortune teller, it is just the fact that daily 1.82 billion people use it and if you are below the age of 65 you are 99% likely to have a Facebook account.

If the world is so wanted of Facebook that means it can bring a business so many potential clients. One just needs to learn the right tactics. Right?

Being a business, no matter big or small, your main targets must be:

  • To attract more clients
  • Convert these clients to your loyal customers

Facebook has all the right tools for you in this regard.

Facebook is the fastest, most targeted, cheap, and cost-effective form of advertising. It has all the potential to successfully help businesses in increasing brand awareness, website traffic, revenue, sales, and leads by providing the best options to engage and hook their followers.

You can use it to grow your blog traffic or to get more traffic for your website. Also, it can help you break into new markets. (which means you can grow your business worldwide)

How to use facebook to get better clients?

Now, when we know all that Facebook can provide, the question is: How to use it in our favor? To simplify it let us segment the process in three major steps:

  1. Making a business page and optimizing it for engagement
  2. Using Facebook ads
  3. Making a strategic plan for content posting and executing it

If you are a freelancer getting clients with Facebook can work in a little different way as well.  You can join relevant community groups to your skillset and hunt for clients over there, simply by responding to posted job offers by clients or businesses. Send them a stunning cover letter as they require and there you go.

If you are a business or brand, let us move to the details of the first step.

How to make a Facebook business page and optimize it.

Making a business page on Facebook is very important if you want to get some good loyal clients and it is very simple. You just need to “log in” to your personal Facebook account. You can Sign up for a page by going to

You will see the options for selecting the type of page you want to create. You can create a page for either business/brand or community/public figure. Say you’re creating a page for a business or brand. Choose the option for that, and after getting started with the Business or Brand option, enter your business information.

Enter your page name. You can use your already working business name or you can choose a new name that is easy to find for people when looking for products like yours. Choose a category that best describes your business by Facebook’s suggested options. Now it will ask for your address and phone number and few further details. Fill in the details, have a look at Facebook policies, and if you agree, hit the Continue button and your business page is ready to go.

After you have created a page, now it is time to optimize it for public engagement. It will start right from adding Pictures.

 Upload profile and cover images for your Facebook page. Be very smart in choosing your pictures and cover images because they are the first impression of your brand. For a recognizable brand, using their logo is probably the best way. In a nutshell, your cover and profile image should be well representing your brand and should be easy to recognizable by your potential customers.

Create a user name to get found by people easily and fill in your details by clicking Edit Page Info shown in the top menu. Here you can share all the important information, with your audience, about your business. Add a few lines of description and add additional categories to make sure Facebook shows your page to all the right people by clicking in the Description and Categories boxes. Be very engaging and try to be using connecting words for your audience while filling in these details and choosing images.

Add all of your contact details to make it easy for people to reach you by all means. Add details you want to make public like your phone number, website, and email address. You can also add your location, and business hours, etc. as well.

In the page optimization and selection of content, the Facebook Page insight tool will provide enormous help. It will get you to know how your audience is responding or will respond to your page. And by understanding them better you will be able to engage and hook them better.

Get started with Facebook ads

In starting a marketing campaign, the Facebook ads manager will provide great help. Set up your Facebook Ads Manager account by selecting Create Ads from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner of your profile. Facebook will provide you all the tools, options, insights and will guide you to your first ad campaign set up.

Here you have to pay a little to run your ads and convey them to the right audience. (it is still one of the cheapest available options)

The most helpful tool Facebook provides is Insight. This tool provides all the information about who your audience is and what they will like to hear from you. You just have to be a little smart in using this information in your favor.

Making and executing a strategic plan.

To reach your goal of getting loyal customers you need a strategy to create and post your content.

  • Facebook allows you to post content in these forms:
  1. Plain Text
  2. Images or photos
  3. Videos and live videos
  4. Linked posts (linking to an outer source e.g your website)
  5. Polls
  6. Facebook stories

You can post one of them or a combination of two or all types of these content types. Based on your INSIGHT info, plan what to post and when to post.

  • You can also pin one of your best posts probably an eye-catching one on the top of your page for a visitor’s first look.
  • While creating your content, keep in mind your audience’s preferences and demands.
  • Choose only good quality images and videos.
  • Go live at least weekly to keep your audience feel entertained.
  • Keep your audience updated with what is new in your business and tell them about all the upcoming events through your posts.
  • Create some polls and Q/A sessions to engage your audience.
  • Generate a content mix for Educating, entertaining, and informing 2. Promoting your brand 3. Keeping your audience engaged like making polls, and live videos, etc.
  • Post consistently but not too often to annoy both the audience and Facebook.
  • Post on the peak times when people are most likely to see your posts.
  • Add CTA buttons provided by Facebook.
  • Interlink your Facebook to your website and other social media platforms.

Try to make the best use of all the tools Facebook provides you for your brand awareness and marketing campaigns.

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