5 Ways to get more real followers on Instagram in 2021

get more real followers on Instagram

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Instagram started as a fun photo-sharing app in 2010, but it rose higher and evolved to be one of the best marketing platforms worldwide. Here, people and brands can meet each other and engage to build stronger relationships. And for this, most people are searching for ways to get more real followers on Instagram so they can build a larger audience.

Over 1 billion people use Instagram every day, at least for half an hour, which makes it one of the most popular apps also the most potent for the success of your brand awareness and marketing campaigns.

Now brands are taking Instagram more seriously as their marketing tool and using it effectively for their brand awareness. And figuring out how to get more real followers on Instagram is a big deal for many reasons.

Stats tell us that around 81% of people use Instagram to get to the products and services offered by brands, and 50% of them are likely to purchase from the brand’s official website at the end.

That is why Instagram is such a great marketing platform for brands today. And it can help in getting you to a genuinely big pool of potential buyers. Instagram has “all of it” to hit your brand’s dream success.

But, will creating an Instagram account in your brand’s name and posting few a things get you to the success we are talking about?

Probably not.

The formula for Instagram success is “more eyes, more sales”. That’s why it is important to get more real followers on Instagram instead of fake followers.

You will need a real big following to hit your dream targets with Instagram. The more people will get to know about you, trust you, and promote you, the more success will come your way.

Here are the ways to increase Instagram followers for getting more eyes on your brand.

Let’s look at the 5 ways you can get more real followers on Instagram in 2021.


Be more creative

Being creative is the best way to attract people to your posts and eventually to your site. Be funny, ironic, or whatever you like but never, ever be BORING! Try to stand out with catchy titles, amazing descriptions, and popular content.

Create a unique and outstanding Instagram style for your profile. Try to design your profile with impressive visuals but do not forget to tailor your content and design according to your brand with your logos and colors.

Make a design in a way that whenever it appears, your brand name instantly clicks in the user’s mind.

Take all the help from the features provided within the app like a boomerang, reverse play, stickers, and gifs, etc.

Post interesting content that is exciting for your potential followers, entertaining for them, and pleasing for their minds. Embed a strong call to action  (CTA) somewhere in between.

Be more engaging

The more you will interact and engage your audience, the more they will like to hear from you again and again.

Engage the users with help of entertaining video content and interesting images. Write long and detailed captions for your posts and be creative with them, it is a really big tip to increase your followers.

Join popular conversations, post about hot news and topics, and make comments under your posts in the comment section. Your comments will encourage the users to respond to your future posts.

Try to create content in collaboration with other influencers and brands. Their followers will get to know you and will follow you to know more about you.

Try to go live weekly at least, create polls, and indulge users in answer question sessions frequently. Run contests and giveaways. Do not let them forget about you. Posting Instagram stories daily is a great way to stay top-of-mind.

Be more strategic

Make a strategy to post your content more frequently and more impactfully.

To increase your followers you need to post once daily at a minimum so it is best for you to gather all the content for a week and post it day by day.

Get to know your audience and their interests and tailor your content for them.

Take help from analytical tools and get to know the peak time when people are most likely to see your posts. Be there for them by posting at that peak time and get more followers.

You also need to keep an eye on the type of content in your posting strategy. Take into account the current situations, events, festivals, celebrations, in fact, everything.

Be more useful and authentic

Ask yourself a question here. Why will someone like to follow you?

Here are two major possible reasons to answer this question. One is that you are entertaining for them, second and most important is that you are useful for them.

So, try to be useful for people in terms of information and ease. Post all the information people require from you and be authentic in providing that.

People never like fakes. Try to gain people’s trust and maintain that trust. They will not just follow you, they will be with you forever once you get them to trust you and your brand. That is exactly how you should increase your Instagram followers and make them your permanent audience and asset.

Be smart with hashtags

Hashtags are more important than we can think. They help to categorize and make your content more discoverable.

Here are two ways to harness the power of hashtags to increase Instagram followers.

 Use already popular hashtags in your posts so that when people will search for them, your post will appear on the relevant result page for that hashtag. Or, you can create your own branded hashtag with your brand name and slogan. Promote your branded hashtag by highlighting it in your Instagram bio, stories, and captions.

 You can use hashtags to reach a specific community or a relevant industry, join a trending conversation, run a branded campaign, and identify your service offerings.

But be very thoughtful in choosing your hashtags. Avoid using repetitive and spammy hashtags. Also, use only relevant hashtags. If you will appear in irrelevant searches you are highly likely to get ignored.

 Instagram allows you up to 30 hashtags on each post. But it is recommended to avoid overdoing them. Around 11 to 15 meaningful and highly relevant hashtags are enough.

With that said, I would like to suggest you never go for fake followers. The reason behind this suggestion is that number of followers will become useless when they are not able to interact with you and purchase from you. Organic and real followers are hard to earn but they should be your only desire.

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