5 Ways Experts Create High Performing Facebook Ads

ways experts create high performing facebook ads

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So, you’re not happy with your Facebook ad campaign results and you want to learn the ways experts create high-performing Facebook ads?

Hey, you’re not alone here. In fact, 62% of small businesses fail with Facebook ads. 

Why? Because they don’t successfully identify their mistakes and end up blaming the platform. Facebook’s reach is indeed waning, but this should not stop you from creating highly successful campaigns. After all, Facebook is one of the best social networks for advertisers in terms of targeting options. 

It’s time for you to learn how experts nail their Facebook ads and achieve their business goals with great ease and speed. 

In this post, I am going to show you what digital marketing pros do to make their advertising efforts highly impactful.

Before we move on highlighting those proven tactics, let me assure you that Facebook ads can turn your business upside down, bringing in a steady, sustainable stream of revenue. 

Let’s get started looking at the. ways experts create high performing Facebook ads! 


1. They Know Their Audience

Facebook advertising enables us to create perfect ads with its targeting and tracking features. However, most people often get confused and fail to take advantage of them.

To keep things simple, experts follow the 3R principle that allows them to create the right message and put it in front of the right people and at the right time

Do you know why your ads aren’t producing the results you want? You don’t truly understand your audience and, as a result, you place ads in the wrong people’s feed. 

Why would someone click on your ads if they aren’t interested in your products or services? The platform has over 2.8 billion monthly active users, but the secret to success lies in identifying users who would qualify to be your customers. 

Let me give you a quick example! 

Let’s say you’re a business coach that helps CEOs navigate through difficult times. Now, your ads should be targeted only towards CEOs. Unemployed people or housewives aren’t your ideal people. 

So, before you launch your next campaign, do some homework and identify your audience, the people you want to connect with. Who are they? What are their interests, age, income, location, etc? How can you help them? What are your business goals? 

Invest some time in building a perfect Facebook audience. This strategy will not only reduce your advertising costs but also skyrocket your ROI. 

So, your first step should be to find your ideal people on the platform. Crafting the perfect audience will help you across channels from Facebook and Google to your website. 

Here is another important marketing concept that will help you create better ads: 

The Rule of Seven

It says your ideal clients or customers need to see your message at least seven times before they sign up or buy from you. Here is how this concept applies to Facebook advertising: 

Let’s say your audience size is 30,000 and the average cost per 1,000 impressions is $35. 

How much would it cost you to show your message seven times to those 30,000 users? If we do the math, the answer will be $7,350.  

See, how crucial it is to narrow down your audience and reach the right people.

2. They Create Converting Ad Copy

Successful advertisers know how not to annoy their audience with boring sales pitches. They use a simple, conversational tone and go easy on sales tricks. 

First, make sure your message resonates with your audience’s needs and interests. Second, keep your message clear, fun, and conversational. Remember, a good headline can make all the difference. While there’s no hard and fast rule to write a headline, it should be enticing and benefit-focused. 

Here are some quick tips: 

  • Write ad copy as though you’re writing to one person (your ideal customer). 
  • Use different ad formats for different audiences. 
  • Make sure your visuals go well with your message. 
  • Have a clear goal and a call-to-action. 
  • Use easy-to-understand language 
  • If you’re selling something, be upfront about the numbers. 

When developing ad copy, create separate messages for each buyer persona. 

Why? Because it’s vital to understand the context when it comes to social media marketing. For example, if you divide your audience into three different groups or buyer personas, you need to create a different message for each group.

3. They Track Sales

Everyone wants to get more engagement and clicks, but what is your goal? 

People that perform well at Facebook advertising always track sales because that’s what really matters – they focus on how much money they’re making not how many clicks they’re getting on your ads. 

Something isn’t working if your ads aren’t generating leads and revenue. Getting a lot of clicks doesn’t mean your campaigns are high-performing unless your only goal is to get clicks. 

If your ads aren’t helping you achieve your goals, figure out what’s wrong. Stop repeating one mistake over and over again. Keep track of your sales and get rid of elements that aren’t working. 

4. They Don’t Sound Like An Ad 

We hate ads. Aren’t we? 

So, how do advertisers address this problem? Simple: they don’t sound like an ad. This is where good copywriting comes in handy. You need to showcase how your business is going to bring value to the table. 

You have to help your audience understand why it’s beneficial for them to follow your call to action. You can do it without sounding too much like an ad. 

Pro Tip: Make offers your audience can’t help but click.

5. They Don’t Assume – They Test

Experts don’t just launch ads and wait. They test and test everything. 

The only way you can be good at building profitable ads is through continuous testing. The good thing about Facebook is that it allows you to spend a small amount and test something. 

So, if you want to learn through experience, Facebook could be a good place. But when you follow experts, you can easily avoid beginners’ mistakes.

Tools like Facebook Audience Insights will help you learn more about people you want to reach. Use them to measure the performance of your ads. Again, make sure your ads are seen by the right people. 

Final Thoughts 

The best Facebook ads generate leads and sales. As an entrepreneur or business owner, you have to make sure you come up with the right mix of all the elements from ad type to messaging. If you already have tried different strategies and are afraid of failing again, start doing things the way experts create high-performing Facebook ads. In other words, do things differently.

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